ServiceNow Editor Macros

As you probably have noticed, much of the code that you write is repeatable and are the same repeatedly in different places.

Now these macros are here to make your life a lot easier. There are a few OOB, and you can easily add your own. Just remember that the macros you create isn’t personal, everyone on the instance who have credentials to edit a script editor, will be able to use the macros.

What do they do?

If we look at the OOB ones there is for example a macro called “vargr”.

If you type vargr and press “TAB” in a script editor this will replace “vargr” with the code that is inside the field “text” in the macro record.

For this example it will put:

var gr = new GlideRecord(“”);

gr.addQuery(“name”, “value”);


if ( {


Other OOB available macros:

vargror: Inserts a GlideRecord query for two values with an OR condition.

for: Inserts a standard recursive loop with an array.

info: Inserts a GlideSystem information message.

method: Inserts a blank JavaScript function template.

doc: Inserts a comment block for describing a function or parameters.