ServiceNow – A Proficient approach to COVID Vaccine Management

Over the past 12 to 15 months, we have experienced an unprecedented situation. COVID-19 has completely changed how we live and work. In other words, it has defined new normal. After months and months of shutdowns, lockdowns, night curfews etc., we have a glimmer of hope, “Vaccine”. Finally, a vaccine to protect us from this deadly virus has been created.

This vaccine gives us hope that we will be able to put this pandemic behind us and return to our previous state.Having said that, it is easier said than done. Since a vaccine is available to protect us, are we prepared? Most likely not. Vaccination as a term is not new, and it has been used for decades.However, in this COVID, it presents some significant challenges

To begin with, vaccinating 7.8 Billion people is humongous task and bound to pose some unparalleled level of difficulties, to say the least, in overall administration of it. It has to happen in efficient, safe and timely manner. There are multiple stakeholderand vaccine sources involved: Governments, Healthcare providers, Pharmaceutical companies etc. Thorough planning involving all these players is crucial and going to be the difference between success and madness. Starting from distribution of vaccines till administration of vaccines, entire journey has umpteen number of issues. Perhaps the most difficult of all these problems is dealing with the vaccines’ last-mile logistics.Also, the fact that everyone has to take two doses, separated by stipulated time, only making the whole scheduling extremely difficult. Each country and state level governments are likely to have different policies in terms of eligibility of vaccine doses. Also, there are quite a few questions in public’s mind about effectiveness of vaccines and awareness of monitoring post vaccination.

Vaccine Administration Management

There must be a way to get through all of the obstacles and get the vaccines done as quickly as possible without jeopardising safety or going over budget. There is a way to do it, and it is known as ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management (VAM). With its out-of-the-box pre-packaged workflows and content, VAM accelerates the entire immunization process. Through VAM, recipients can get answers to their common questions using self-help portal or virtual assistants and book their appointment. Administrators can do comprehensive management of appointments including scheduling, reminders group scheduling etc. Clinicians can validate recipient information and can record vaccinations and no-show records. Current process including government agencies and health care providers is disconnected and is difficult to scale to cater large populations.Connecting workflows across distribution, administration and monitoring of vaccination is key to the success of overall vaccination. ServiceNow solution provides this key solution by providing command centre that provides visibility across all the stakeholders.

VaccineAdministration Management requires the Customer Service Management Professional application of SreviceNow, the Appointment Booking plugin, Platform Encryption, Key Management Framework (KMF), and column-level encryption (CLE). The Virtual Agent plugin can optionally be installed to enable chatbot conversations in the self-service portal. Vaccine Administration Management requires instances that are upgraded to Paris Patch 7 or Quebec Patch 1. Apart from English, it is also available in 8 other languages.

ServiceNow, supporting vaccinations for more than 20 million people globally, enhances Vaccine Administration Management solution to help organizations rapidly administer COVID vaccines at scale. There is, after all, light at the end of the tunnel.

Punch IT Technologies is involved in implementation of this module for German govt through T Systems. Go Live has happened recently for 1 state and it would be rolled out throughout Germany in next few weeks.
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