ServiceNow – A Proficient approach to COVID Vaccine Management

Over the past 12 to 15 months, we have experienced an unprecedented situation. COVID-19 has completely changed how we live and work. In other words, it has defined new normal. After months and months of shutdowns, lockdowns, night curfews etc., we have a glimmer of hope, “Vaccine”. Finally, a vaccine to protect us from this deadly virus has been created.
This vaccine gives us hope that we will be able to put this pandemic behind us and return to our previous state.

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ServiceNow Editor Macros

As you probably have noticed, much of the code that you write is repeatable and are the same repeatedly in different places.

Now these macros are here to make your life a lot easier. There are a few OOB, and you can easily add your own. Just remember that the macros you create isn’t personal, everyone on the instance who have credentials to edit a script editor, will be able to use the macros.

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Refer third party data within ServiceNow platform

There’s almost nothing that is customizable in ServiceNow, thanks to the ServiceNow R&D team for the flexibility and scalability. In the recent times I had an exciting requirement; we usually can search third party data from portal search engine by configuring portal search sources, whereas we don’t have that customization in place to search third party data from platform or workspace, search sources customization within platform is confined to ServiceNow tables.

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